Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Gondwana \gän-ˈdwä-nə\ geographical name: one of two supercontinents resulting from the breakup of Pangaea, comprising what is now South America, Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica

Etymology: from the Gondwana region of central northern India, where some of the earliest rock formations of the supercontinent were first investigated

Gondwana was formerly known as Gondwanaland.


Vicki Peter said...

This has nothing to do with Gondwana, but I happened to find your blog while searching for an etymology for perseverate that actually says what perseveratio means (dammit, dictionary.com!) and was delighted to find THIS splendid thing with pretty pictures and pretty words. <3 Thank you!

Travis said...

Glad you like the site. Your word 'perseverate' is a great one. Don't be surprised if you see it as tomorrow's entry! Thanks.