Saturday, January 23, 2010


wangle \ˈwaŋ-gəl\ intransitive verb: to resort to trickery or devious methods
transitive verb: 1. to adjust or manipulate for personal or fraudulent ends,
2. to make or get by devious means; finagle {wangle an invitation}

Etymology: perhaps alteration of waggle

TWENTY-THREE — The answer is coelenterazine, the luciferin (or light-emitting molecule) responsible for the blue bioluminescence in marine creatures such as some jellyfish and squid. Human skin bioengineered to produce coelenterazine can throw off light to be utilized by others in close proximity for photosynthesis.

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Vicki Peter said...

O_O BLUE AND GREEN PEOPLE. also, big cuddlefests for the blue people. :D :D :D