Tuesday, January 26, 2010


zooks \ˈzooks\ interjection: used as a mild oath (archaic)

Etymology: short for gadzooks, perhaps from God's hooks the nails of the Crucifixion

TWENTY-SIX — Myriad ethical debates have sprung up around Project Greensleeves’ initiative and what its repercussions might be for humanity. Coined “self-directed evolution” by some liberal proponents and an “abomination of nature” by their more conservative counterparts, the issue has become a central focus of fierce political battles over presidential elections and judicial appointments. Political flames were stoked recently when a privately owned florist’s shop was firebombed by angry protesters. Police were called in to break up the demonstration, and a local law enforcement official who spoke anonymously declared, “Whereas no one questions the logic behind Project Greensleeves’ endeavors, I personally don’t know if circumventing the ‘ick’ factor of traditional ingestion is worth the cost in lives over this debate.”


Vicki Peter said...

for this one in particular: "YAY IT WASN'T RACISM!" That would have been cheesy! <333

On the whole: WOW. Is this going to become a whole book or a story, or will it stay a leetle 26-parter?

Travis said...

This story started as one of those "what if" thoughts that usually leave the mind as quickly as it enters, but the blog gave it an opportunity to expand a little. I may return to it later, but I'm content to let it remain as it is.